Alyssa is a designer, full-stack developer and entrepreneur. She is the founder of Noon Studios & several other ventures.

She has been recognized as the Best Woman Maker of 2018 by Maker Mag, and nominated as Maker of The Year by Product Hunt. She was also featured on YCombinator’s HackerNews, Diversity30, Product Hunt and interviewed by IndieHackers for one of her successful products.



Discover diverse Twitter users from different backgrounds

Exposure Cards

Get more traffic to your content & find underrated websites


Wrap a unique digital gift and send it to your friends or customers


Service to validate minimum viable products & launch them successfully

Figma to Slides

Convert Figma frames into a Google Slides presentation


Random Hunt

Discover random products from Product Hunt, on the press of a button

Google Sheets CMS

Using Google Sheets as a database or a CMS for any purpose

Simple Todo

Minimal task manager built in ReactJs

If you'd like to talk, just send me an email at

Available for opportunities