Alyssa is a designer, full-stack developer, and entrepreneur. She is the founder of Sonuum & several other ventures.

She has been recognized as the Best Woman Maker of 2018 by Maker Mag, and has twice been a Product Hunt Maker of The Year finalist. She has also been featured on Fast Company, YCombinator HN, Smashing Magazine, Awwwards, JsNation OS Awards, Women Who Design, Product Hunt, Sidebar, CSS-Tricks, Muzli, HeyDesigner, Changelog, Codrops, and interviewed by Product Hunt for one of her successful products.



Real-time collaborative map tool


Mac menu bar app to save and restore apps


Custom slash commands for Notion to record, draw, and more


Science-based flashcard app with spaced repetition


The most powerful screen recorder for Chrome


All-in-one omnisearch for commands, shortcuts, and more


Web-based collaborative audio editor


Design tool to create animated mockups in the browser


Discover Twitter users to follow


Watch movies on Netflix without the jumpscares

Flowy Engine

A minimal JavaScript library to create flowcharts

Figma to Google Slides

Plugin to convert Figma frames to a Google Slides presentation

Figma Game Engine

Figma-based platforming game engine without code

Web-Based Video Editor

A motion graphics editor built with HTML5 Canvas


Google Sheets CMS

Using Google Sheets as a database or a CMS for any purpose

Product Delivery App

A case study for a product delivery app

Simple Todo

Minimal task manager built with ReactJs

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